Youth Programs

Youth Programs

ASHA Youth Club

Trinity Farm Trotters

Trinity Farm ASHA Youth Club is open to all interested young people 6 – 17 years of age. The club meets monthly to learn more about horses, to encourage community involvement and to build friendships while working with the amazing horses we have to share here at the farm.

Free to join. Come learn all about horses and make new friends at our Youth Group. Meets the first Saturday of every month. Drinks and Snacks are included.

Contact us for more information or to become involved.

Drill Team

Trinity Farm is participating in it’s first year of Drill Team for the 2020-21 season!

Trinity Farm offers Drill Team lessons for those that want to compete in synchronized riding at shows all over Indiana and the surrounding states. Learn how to “dance” around the arena with fellow students with costumes and music while on horseback. Posting Trot for long lengths and understanding diagonals is required to be part of the Drill Team. It is completely separate from lessons and students are required to take regular lessons outside of team practices in order to participate. Available by invitation only. Speak to Mary Lynn or Destiny for more information and to be considered for the team. Only available in Group Lessons.

Currently we are looking for a team B to be a part of the team, but may not be ready quite yet to ride in Team A.

4-H Club

4-H can be a wonderful learning experience for any kid. There are many different opportunities for kids to be creative and express themselves through their hobbies and interests. We are interesting in helping kids that do not have easy access to 4H in their areas or need help working on their projects. It is a great opportunity to meet new people and learn more about different hobbies or interests your children may have.

Trinity Farm offers the opportunity to lease a horse for your 4H Horse and Pony enthusiast. Contact us to discuss the option of a 4H horse lease.

Running the Barrels
Hooray for our 4H team, Hannah and Charmed!
Showing true versatility at the Hendricks County Fair!


There are many badges for Girl Scouts to earn that may be difficult to accomplish on your own. Let us help you and your troop earn badges while having a really great time. We are available to help earn badges related to horse care, horseback riding, fire starting, and other animal care badges.

If you have a badge you are interested in earning we may be able to design a program special for your troop. Please contact us for more information.