Acknowledgements and Appreciation

and Appreciation

None of us are on this planet alone and few dreams or visions are created without input or help from others. The vision of Trinity Farm became reality because of the support and help of many people. As the head of operations and chief visionary, I cannot thank or appreciate enough the moments that brought us this far.

Mary Lynn Foster

To my parents who put up with years of me asking for a horse for Christmas (and my birthday) who gave me my first bridle (it’s in the tack room), continue to pull weeds, plant, do wiring, mow, show up and listen to the antics of the grandchildren with four legs – thank you, your support means the world to me.

To my family that have supported and joined the dream with pep talks, time, prayers and your own special talents – thank you, the farm is as much yours as it is ours.

To my friends that gathered to spend time packing, moving, fixing, cleaning, building, mowing, painting, etc…etc… – thank you, your time has been invaluable.

To my friend who drove countless miles, looked at countless properties in county after county, month after month, always looking with a critical eye for just the right place – thank you, your talent made this possible.

To my fellow horse enthusiasts and friends who have given advice, shared tips and ideas, listened to the concerns and reassured – thank you for sharing your talents and friendships.

To the riders that have joined us in our love for horses and brought their excitement to learn with them – thank you, your enthusiasm makes this all worth while.

A blessed moving day