Student of the Month: August

Jennifer H. “Larry”

Jennifer is 14 years old and her favorite Trinity Farm horse is Butch. She owns “Our Cosette” (Cosette) and has been riding with Trinity Farm for 6 years. Jennifer’s goals for riding are to go to Academy Nationals and then move out of Academy. When she grows up, Jennifer wants to be either a horse trainer or an artist.

Student of the Month: July

Kathrine S. “Katie”

Katie is 17 years old. Her favorite Trinity Farm horse is Lady. She has her own horse at Trinity Farm named The Night We Met “Layla”. Katie’s goals in her riding are to be more confident about hopping on to any horse to ride and overcoming her anxiety. In the future, Katie wants to be a nurse.

Student of the Month: June

Arynn G.

Arynn is 11 years old almost 12. Her favorite Trinity Farm horse is Rudy. Arynn has been riding since she was 2 years old!. Her goals in riding are to always do better than the last ride, always have fun and try new things. In the future, Arynn would like to show in the World Grand Championship on the “green sawdust”. When she grows up, Arynn would like to become a Veterinarian.

Student of the Month: May

Lily T.

Lily will be 17 years old this month. She has been riding at Trinity Farm for a year and six months! Her favorite horse is Firefly. Lily’s riding goals are to strengthen her posture and expand her riding abilities. She wants to be either a Behavioral Profiler for the FBI or a horse trainer when she is older.