Journey To Leadership

The focus of the Journey to Leadership EAL (Equine Assisted Learning) program involves the use of non-riding activities with horses.  The EAL model assists individuals to learn about themselves, others, and group dynamics by participating in specifically designed activities with the horse.  Participants then process behaviors, patterns of behavior and reactions exhibited during these activities and relate them to the workplace.  Horses possess many attributes that allow them to provide vast opportunities for metaphorical learning.

Benefits of EAL Leadership Programs:

  • Promotes & facilitates successful growth & change within an organization
  • Promotes creative thinking & problem solving
  • Involves experiential learning, causing participants to think outside the box for solutions, expand their comfort zone & not rely on traditional reactions & coping mechanisms
  • Creates a greater awareness of the obstacles & strengths that can lead to growth & change
  • Proivdes an appreciation for differences & diversity

Individuals who participate in Journey to Leadership programs relate their newly gained knowledge, skills & insights to their professional, organizational, or group setting & to their personal lives.

“I’ve been to a lot of trainings, but this was one of the best to teach teamwork & communication.”  
Dee Swanson, DNP,NP-C
Nurse Practitioner at IU Health

Journey to Leadership Programs can assist:

Businesses & Corporations
Agencies & Boards
Management & Organizational Teams
Any group of individuals that work together

Your program is designed to meet your unique & specific goals.

Journey to Leadership Offers

Half day, one or two day programs specifically designed for the client at your choice of location.
We have locations in both northern Brown & Hendricks County
A needs assessment to assist in identifying the client’s goals for the program
An action plan for the client that is developed from the program
Written follow-up report to the client
Additional follow-up consultation

Contact us today to review your needs and begin to develop a growth opportunity for your organization or group.

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