Wear Proper Dress at Riding Lessons for Efficiency and Safety

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Proper dress for horse riding lessons is not just fashionable, it is functional for performance and safety!

We are always try to be flexible with new riders to give them time to get established and find out if this is the right fit for them before they invest in riding clothes. However, while we have not made it mandatory for riders to be properly dressed for lessons, there has been a trend recently toward wearing jeans, sweats pants, cowboy boots, and other clothes that are not in keeping with saddleseat riding.

If you have recently started riding lessons at Trinity Farms, and decided that this is the place for you, please start looking to purchase proper riding attire – kentucky jod pants (or jod pants) and jod boots or paddock boots. This is not an arbitrary decision; as in other sports, proper riding apparel and equipment is designed to provide efficiency and protection for the rider:

  • The clothing lends itself to aid in developing correct riding position, allows for flexibility while also protecting areas that are prone to rub or chafe.
  • Jod or paddock boots support proper foot position while maintaining safety in the stirrup.

We are always on the lookout for good deals on riding clothes, and to help pass on outgrown clothing to ‘the next kid’. For example, right now, Target has an unusual area in the girls section that offers jod pants that are flexible and appropriate riding gear, which sell for around $10.

Please make sure to have your rider tidy for their lesson, with shirts tucked in and hair tied back – both functional and appropriate for safety reasons – nothing flapping and nothing in the eyes.

Read our updated flyer with information about proper riding clothing for lessons: “Help for New Riders and Parents”. (PDF opens in new window)

We’ll see you at the Farm!

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