Our Riders Rocked at the December Academy Show!

Hi Riders, Family and Friends,

Wanted to send out a great big thank you to the riders and families at the UPHA Academy Show on the 11th. Huge improvements in all riders participating!

Shelby Propps - Great Job!

Shelby P. knocked one out of the park with her second ride, coming home with a Blue in her first show off the line. Nice job!

Lauren Mann - Nice Job!

Lauren was terrific, earning second place ribbons with incredible control, confidence and position in both of her rides! Awesome!!

Gabriella Layman - First Show!

Gabriella stepped into the ring for her very first show and guided Splash, in her very first show, to a beautiful 3rd place and a bright yellow ribbon. Beautiful!

Abigail Bowman - Terrific!

Abigail showed terrific improvement in her form and control, guiding Sister to back to back Blue ribbons in her class. Terrific!!

Big applause to Taylor Windle, our awesome show specialist!!

Thank you to all of the families and friends that supported their riders, participated in the ‘tailgate party’ and made the loading up sooo much quicker!! Splash did arrive home despite not wanting to get back on the trailer! I think she had too much fun.

Call for lessons if you have days available during vacation and would like to do a day time lesson – days are still available. Christmas Gift Certificates are available!!

Next show is January 15th in Indianapolis at:
Grandview Stables
1005 West 64th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46260-4457

All riders are welcome to participate and even just come to watch and cheer.

Merry Christmas planning, baking and shopping! Stay warm!
Mary Lynn

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2 Responses to Our Riders Rocked at the December Academy Show!

  1. Jan says:

    Shelby is a wonderful little girl who works hard and loves horseback riding.

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